Modus - A Must Try!

This month you'll be trying Modus. They are a Vancouver based micro-roaster, who specializes on seasonal coffees and relationships to get you perfectly balanced, versatile coffees at peak freshness and sweetness.

They keep things straightforward and uncomplicated to show appreciation for the hands involved in the coffee chain. It’s impossible to make great coffee without great ingredients, so they work with both purposeful producers, importers and exporters to get all our coffees at peak freshness. 

You'll be trying The Dom! A medium roast with balanced acidity, big body, and sweetness. Expect rich chocolates, toasted nuts, and mild fruit in the back end to keep it interesting. The Dom was the first and only Modus profile back in 2016 so it has a special place in many hearts.

This Treat Is Tea-rrific

This month we have a special treat for you from Gioielli Tea Co. They offer Eco-Friendly Refill Teas and Tisanes for over 30 years. Deeply passionate about creating a product with little to no waste because the planet health matters!

Try one of their delicious flavours of black tea like Black Current Crumble, Chocolate Orange Truffle, Rhubarb Pie, White Hot Chocolate, Fall In A Cup.

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