PSL Season = New Coffee To Try

This month you'll be trying Prototype Coffee! They created a unique space where they can create and share coffee in a way that they are excited about. 

Their coffee menu is designed to feature a wide variety of top quality coffees, carefully and thoughtfully sourced by their import partners who develop long term and healthy relationships with farmers and exporters around the world.

You'll be trying their Riacho Das Varas, Brazil roast! Producer Ricardo founded Riacho das Varas in 1975 in an area that was not historically known to be good for growing coffee. In spite of this, his family saw potential and persisted in their coffee production to create the beautiful coffee that they are producing today.

Enjoy tasting notes of caramel, apple, walnut.

Top Notch Snacks When You're On The Go

Wise Bites is a family owned business! They are passionate about taking care of one another through delicious, healthy food. Putting delicious, nutritious baked goods in your purse, lunch bag or backpack is their main purpose.

Since inclusiveness is also their thing, they work hard to make sure their snacks are free from the top 11 allergens so everyone can partake. 

Their Oat & Quinoa Fudge will be a favourite amongst chocolate lovers. These get their fudgy taste from dairy-free chocolate chips, but delivered with all nine essential amino acids contained in quinoa flour.

These supercharged little bars pack a nutritious punch of protein, fibre and minerals thanks to the combined superpowers of oats and quinoa. Natural sweeteners and smart portion size make them just the right choice!

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