It's Smells Like Christmas

Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters are back again! They are committed to telling the story of coffee from around the world by roasting it in a way that allows the coffee to express its unique flavour profile, and differentiate itself from other types of beans and origins. Small batch roasting allows us to ensure quality, freshness, and frequent rotation. 

Smoking Gun Holiday Blend

Smoking Gun's holiday blend transports you through time and space to simpler times. Cozying up next to the tv fireplace channel, and the excitement you feel when you see new log being thrown into the flame. Enjoy tasting notes of sugar cookie, molasses, and dried fruit.

Get a Scoop Full

This month we have a special treat for you! You'll find a coffee scoop in your box that also has a bag clip! So you can keep it with your coffee beans while dishing out the perfect amount of coffee.

Coffee Scoop With Bag Clip

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