Raise The Roof For Delicious Coffee

Rooftop Coffee Roasters started in 2016 in Fernie, BC and since their home roasting days, the wide spectrum of flavours has always intrigued them. At Rooftop, they are continuously learning from this incredible community and can’t wait to explore what’s possible in the way they source, roast, and brew coffee.

Rooftop Coffee

This month you'll be trying their Costa Rica Entre Rios or their Northern Comfort Blend! Both delicious blends.

Gourmet Candy...Need We Say More?

Fraser Valley Gourmet is founded by three chefs who are committed to making exceptional quality treats made by hand in small batches. A real artisan treat!

Their vision is to become a point of inspiration of the culinary passion hidden in their small-town community, by bringing people together when they share our candy.

Fraser Valley Gourmet

This month you'll be having their Almond Butter Crunch. Enjoy soft-crunch caramel with perfectly roasted almonds, topped with rich milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chai, or espresso bean that bursts with fabulous toffee flavor.

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