Fill Up Your Cup

Counterpart Coffee is a roastery located in Squamish BC, established in 2014. They are dedicated to short and transparent supply chains. To using their purchasing power to help make a difference in coffee farmer's lives and showcasing the seasonality of coffee as an agricultural crop, and valuing the diversity of the growing regions and their terroir.

This month you'll be trying their Isidro Rodriguez blend! Grown at a high altitude of 1940m. Isidro collects the ripe cherries, and does an initial 24 hour wet fermentation. They are then depulped and go through a 25-30 hour dry fermentation before being laid out on raised beds for drying. All this leads to a nice juicy cup of coffee. Fruity and complex. Enjoy notes of nectarine, brown sugar, chocolate. 

Magical Tasty Oats

Magic Oats is back again! Their mission is to share the most delicious, convenient, travel friendly oat milk experience without compromise. Magic Oats is travel friendly, less wasteful and offers more oat milk!

Whip up fresh creamy oat milk in seconds. Just add water and shake! Their oat milk powder is great to use in your daily rituals whether that's at home, outdoors, for work, or simply on the go. Try Magic Oats in a superfood latte, fruity smoothie, creamer for coffee and tea, cereal, overnight oats, baking, and of course by the glass.

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