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Located in Victoria, BC, Discovery Coffee hand select their green beans from farmers all over the world and then roast them in-house, at their freshest. By roasting in small batches and pairing beans to specific brew methods, they introduce our customers to new coffees and unique brews every day. 

May Coffee from BC Coffee Club

This month you'll be trying one of their 2 blends depending on your subscription (regular or espresso). 

Regular subscribers will receive their Spring Blossom Blend. Inspired by colourful spring festivals around the world such as Holi in India, Songkran in Thailand, and cherry blossom filled Hanami in Japan. We endeavor to invite a little spring colour into our lives and as such have created this new seasonal blend for you with smooth, pleasant florality, and - a subtle fruity brightness that reminds us of spring morning walks with a hot coee in hand along Victoria’s many petal covered avenues. Enjoy notes of grilled pineapple and shortbread 

Espresso lovers will receive their Discovery Street Blend. This coffee has all the qualities you look for in a best friend. It’s smooth, dependable, and honest. This house blend is carefully crafted, roasted to perfection and will inspire the kind of friendship that will last at least 10 seasons, maybe more. Enjoy tasting notes of chocolate, hazelnut, brown sugar & cherry.

Patience...Delicious Treats Are Here!

Patience Fruit & Co is a family business that makes healthy snacks from local (Quebec-grown) berries, raised slowly with the utmost care, taking time to savour them. Since the beginning, they have practiced organic farming, using no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They also personally tend to their berries every at step of the way, from seed to shrub to dried fruit. 


This month you'll be trying their Organic Whole Dried Cranberries sweetened with apple juice. These gently sweetened dried cranberries are the perfect snack and can be slowly savoured, adding a touch of sweetness to your favourite mixed nuts or seeds. And because their organic cranberries are bigger, many like to cook with them. 

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