Unboxing July Treats

Founded in 2015, Beachcomber Coffee is an award-winning craft coffee company with two locations on the Sunshine Coast, BC!

Roasted in Vancouver but based in Gibsons, Beachcomber Coffee represents the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and produces a variety of coffees that are Certified Organic and Certified Fairtrade. It’s not just a coffee, it’s a lifestyle!

You'll be trying one of their most popular coffee - Medium! Enjoy tasting notes of Toffee, Hazelnut and Peach. Plus, subscribers will be getting Beachcomber Coffee sunglasses!

Wheat Crunch - It's Back!

Yup you heard that right - Wheat Crunch is back! Dosch Organics Acres is family owned and farmed in Saskatchewan Canada since 1960. 

Organic farming is a way of life that their family takes seriously. Not only is it about the food they grow, it’s more about taking care of the planet. On their farm they make sure to preserve land to its natural state as much as possible with preserving the wetlands and trees so animals and birds have a home. 

Wheat Crunch from Dosch Organics Acres

This month you'll be trying their Salt & Vinegar, Sea Salt, or Dill Pickle Wheat Crunch!

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