What's Better Than Summer? Coffee!

This month's coffee is from Nelson, BC! No6 Coffee Co. is a boutique coffee roasting company focused on providing amazing coffees by committing their attention to all aspects of the process, striving for an artisan quality, right down to the final cup.

All of their coffees are purchased from independent coffee importers that source exceptional specialty coffees directly from small farms, co-ops and respectable coffee traders, paying above and beyond production prices.

No6 Coffee Company

This month you'll be trying The Rabbit Hole. It's a medium body, sweet, and nutty with notes of honey, chocolate, cherry, oak. This blend was originally called Jane's Addiction, and for good reason. Once you go down the rabbit hole, it will be very difficult to find your way out. 

if you are an espresso subscriber you'll be trying their Backcountry Espresso. It's profile is rich, smooth, and earthy. Enjoy notes of walnut, wild honey, juniper berry and, clove. 

7 Summits Snacks

Fuel your next adventure with 7 Summits Snacks! A favourite snack from our sister club YEG Coffee Club, they provide delicious and nutritious chocolate products to get you through your next adventure - perfect for summer hikes! 

7 Summit Snacks

This month you'll be trying their amazing Aconcagua Endurance Bar.

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