Home Is Where The Coffee Is

HOLM is a unique combination of Home (HO) and La Maison (LM), which represent England and Quebec respectively. The founders chose this name as a tribute to their global travels before finally settling down in the picturesque town of Revelstoke.

Their passion for coffee is evident in everything they do, as they believe that it has an impact throughout the entire supply chain. To ensure the quality of their coffee, they only work with trusted suppliers to source their green beans. They strive to offer their customers an exceptional coffee experience by providing both comforting and experimental blends.

Holm Coffee

This month, you don't want to miss Liquidambar, a specialty blend straight from Honduras that bursts with delicious notes of cherry gummies, red grapes, and brown sugar.

Magical Tasty Oats

Magic Oats offers the most delicious, travel-friendly oat milk experience without compromising on taste. Plus, it's less wasteful and offers more oat milk! Try Magic Oats today and experience the magic for yourself!

Whip up fresh creamy oat milk in seconds. Just add water and shake! Their oat milk powder is great for your daily rituals whether at home, outdoors, for work, or simply on the go. Try Magic Oats in a superfood latte, fruity smoothie, creamer for coffee and tea, cereal, overnight oats, baking, and of course by the glass.

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