January Unboxing - Coffee Roaster & Snack of the Month

A Delicate Roasting Process For Authentic Flavours In Your Mug

Established in Vancouver in 2014, Pallet Coffee Roasters was founded with a vision to make amazing specialty accessible to all member of their community. They pride themselves of being a locally owned coffee company with an unwavering dedication to providing their community with an excellent product and love for specialty coffee. 

Pallet Coffee Roasters outside coffee shop

Their coffee is a direct link to the relationships they have fostered with farmers and producers. Before a new coffee is introduced to their menu, it must pass multiple rigorous cupping and tasting sessions in order to qualify against their stringent standards.​

Their delicate roasting process centres on the bean itself, taking into consideration its origin, varietal, and processing style - which results in authentic flavours, rather than flavours imparted by the roasting process.

Pallet Coffee - Wildan Mustofa Roast

This month you'll be trying their Wildan Mostofa roast from the Frinsa Collective in Indonesia (the first time we've featured a coffee from Indonesia - amazing!). 

Frinsa Collective is a family-owned estate run by Wildan Mustofa. They purchase the coffee from neighbouring producers for processing sale from the Finsa Estate. Wildan oversees the agricultural and processing side of the business, while his wife Atieq handles contracts and their son Fikri does the cupping. Enjoy tasting notes of brown sugar, praline, and sweet citrus. 

Delicious Snacks To Take Your Adventure To The Next Level

This month you'll be enjoying Näak's Energy Waffle.

Founded in 2016. Näak is a Canadian company with a mission to build efficient and sustainable fuel snacks for endurance sports. They called it Näak for Nutrition for Adventurous Athletes who run Kilometers.

Näak is driven to push the boundaries of performance using the most sustainable and complete protein sources available. Each detail counts, even the smooth-like-a-gel texture which makes Näak bars resist to extreme temperatures so you can consume them in any conditions.

Naak Energy Waffle - dipped in coffee

Their Salted Caramel Ultra Energy Waffle is a delicious combination of sweet caramel syrup and a hint of sea salt. The perfect treat to enjoy with your delicious cup of coffee and it's packed with energy to keep you fueled for your activities!

Did you know? Large-scale oil palm plantations play a devastating role in tropical forests, impacting the lives of the plants and animals that occupy the area. Which is why Naak does not include this ingredient in their product, supporting their mission to provide eco-friendly sports nutrition products.

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