Funky Flavours For The End Of Summer

House of Funk Brewing Co. is back for the end of summer! Their small batch systems allows for the to push boundaries and experiment with brews, meaning they are able to serve up fresh and unique flavours more frequently.

House Of Funk Coffee Roasters

This month you'll either be trying their Valley Clouds if you have our regular subscription or Technicolour if you have our espresso subscription.

Valley Clouds is their Colombia washed blend. It hits you with a green apple and red grape, but then you notice the sweetness. This coffee is big up front, but is light bodied and doesn’t linger in the mouth.

Technicolour is their Brazil & Kenya espresso blend and it tastes like your favourite chocolate bar - just a little bit melted. Enjoy tasty notes of chocolate and caramel notes.

Lay Back & Enjoy Some Snacks

Back again this month is the Healthy AND delicious Laid Back Snacks! Their nutritional philosophy is 80% fuel and 20% fun!

Founded from the concept that you can live a healthy and active lifestyle while also enjoying the small things in life - like an extra handful of delicious treats.  

Laid Back Snacks_Nutless Yogi

This month enjoy their delicious Nutless Yogi. The most amazing part of this blend is that it's school-friendly! Instead of nuts it features crunchy chickpeas. 

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